OSRS Vorkath Guide For Beginners

Vorkath is a boss encountered during Dragon Slayer 2. After the quest, you can return to fight Vorkath in an instance on Ungael where he’s significantly stronger and gives better loot than before! Due to his quick kills and ease of travel/banking, as well as valuable items like dragonstones that are commonly dropped by him, many players often go back for more after completing their initial kill – sometimes killing it dozens per hour when farming OSRS gold.

One point to look out for in this fight is the poison segment, which can be difficult to overcome. Make sure that you stick and move lest you succumb to the poison balls that will kill off your character rather quickly as they do much more damage than any other attack from an enemy here. Looking at statistics of those who have killed it before, there are a few notable drops worth mentioning such as Onyx Bolt Tips (which if used with skill could earn players 40M to 245M GP) or Skeletal Visage (worth 31M GP).

OSRS Vorkath Requirements

These are the requirements to continue this Vorkath journey The first being that they have completed and passed Dragon Slayer II, of course.


  • 90 Attack
  • 90 Strength
  • 75+ Defence


  • 85+ Range
  • 75+ Defence

If you don’t get a Vorkath’s head in your 49th kill, you are guaranteed to get it on the 50th. As far as kills per hour go, if I have my recommended stats and equipment – somewhere between 18-30 is possible (depending on how good one is at OSRS PvM). You can go higher than 30 with crazy stat setups but not by much more so most people will cap out around there which gives an average GP of 2.9-4.5 million GP per hour depending on your gear setup. It’s highly recommended though to use a void melee setup to maximize the OSRS GP you can get.

Vorkath – Void Melee Guide

  • Void Melee Helm
  • Salve Amulet (e)
  • Infernal Cape
  • Unholy Blessing
  • Dragon Hunter Lance
  • Elite Void Top
  • Avernic Defender
  • Elite Void Robe
  • Void Knight Gloves
  • Primordial Boots
  • Berserker Ring (i)

Void melee at Vorkath with the Dragon Hunter Lance is a great way to take advantage of his weakness. This attack can be combined with the Dragonfire Shield for full protection or Super Antifire mixed in order to protect against most damage, freeing up your off-hand and increasing overall DPS.

In order to kill Vorkath without the use of a Dragon Warhammer or Bandos Godsword, you need 100% special attack energy. One way for players to achieve this is by using their player-owned house’s Restoration Pool in between kills.

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