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If you have heard of the name Gidget or know a Little Miss Muffet who lives in Englewood, you have either visited or are familiar with this famous family. Gidget was a small girl who became famous as one of the most well-loved characters on television. She was a spunky, curious girl who deserved every bit of her adoration from the people who loved her. Her enduring popularity began after the demise of her first husband. He was not only a poor man who left her for another woman, but he was also an alcoholic who became a notorious drunk who caused many heartaches. Gidget had enough and she demanded change.


One of her biographers said that Gidget was so determined to be a better person that she tried everything she could to rid herself of her drinking habit. This was not easy but she was determined to make a better life for herself. Her most famous battle with alcoholism was against the owner of her favorite bar. Here is how that story may have begun:


Mary Wilson, a wealthy Southern belle, was staying at an old inn called Sloppy Joe’s when she met a man named George Washington. George was a war hero who had been in the war over with his comrades and was living in New Jersey City. Mary was enchanted by Washington’s large estate, which was filled with beautiful gardens and marvelous trees. When Mary and George went for a meal they were delighted by the fine cuisine and good wine served in a very ornate parlor. Unfortunately, this lovely woman’s fussy palate did not like the food. In fact, she insisted that George served her the same food she had back in her hometown.


The famous folks who frequented this establishment, including both George Washington and Mrs. Wilson, had great respect for Washington, whom they called “the Surgeon General”. This lady asked the innkeeper if they could make a little salad, which George and Mary agreed to. She then served the first salad that they had ever eaten, and when it was done, she offered them another, larger salad. This one they took, adding such garnishts as “peas” and “broccoli florets” that it seemed that no matter what they added it would have been appropriate.


A rather lesser-known but also well-loved celebrity were the writer Mark Twain. He once said that nothing is more exciting than living on an empty stomach. Twain was a great eater and he used to boast about his ability to eat huge amounts of food without gaining weight. Though he never actually claimed to have eaten nine pounds in a single day, he certainly did enjoy many large meals throughout his life and would occasionally slip up and have a stomach ache.


Oscar Wilde became famous after he was imprisoned for homosexuality. He wrote several novels during his imprisonment and these provided several honors for him, including the Nobel Prize. One of the most interesting things about Wilde’s life was that he was deeply in love with the woman who was supposed to be his wife, Pamela Bee. He even went so far as to have her die in his arms on their wedding night. Although we know that this relationship fizzled, he continued to write extensively about his love for Bee and even had several biographies written about the times that he went on dates with her.


Who else has had their lives romanticized in a movie or on a stage? Probably not anyone who fits into the category of “famous people”. However, one actor who fits into the celebrity-actor category was Gene Hackman. He made several films during his short career, and although he generally faded into Hollywood obscurity when his acting career ended, he was still known to many Americans when the Nirvana songwriting group emerged. The band’s first album,” Bleach,” made waves when one of the members, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide shortly after its release.


Still other famous people have had their lives celebrated by the media, television, and even the music industry. Actors continue to be famous today because they continue to make movies. Actors such as George Clooney continue to get the movie deals that they want. Other actors are famous because their acting skills brought with them a variety of accolades, from an Oscar nomination to Grammys. One of the most popular celebrities around right now is Will Smith, who was recently nominated for an Academy Award for his role as a young man in the film “Inception.”


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