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Beard growing medicine

Oct 14

Do you want a beard? What about a big bushy one? A kingly mane that will make all the young girls swoon and the old ladies envy your handsome good looks. Well, if you do then this article is for you, my friend! In here I will be sharing with you some of the most commonly known secrets of beard growing, some that are known even by the grandmas. Though it is not guaranteed, you do stand a pretty good chance of growing one if you follow these steps.

Ingredients: Basil leaves, curry leaves, sandal wood powder, water.

Method: Blend using a blender. Soak the sandalwood powder in some water and add the rest of the ingredients and blend. Let it stand overnight and use after washing your face in the morning.

Side effects: May cause discomfort while sleeping due to the presence of sandalwood powder along with some other ingredients.