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Restaurant Catering Services

Apr 11

At Uncle Nick's Deli we provide many different restaurant catering & event planning services. Rehearsal meals, office parties or baby/bridal showers as well as business meetings or private family events will be extra special thanks to our quick and easy sandwiches, soups and salads. We can provide event services off-site. We can customize a menu for you, make your favourite food items, or create an elegant buffet in your office. We can assist you in creating memorable memories for your guests.


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Do you have plans to hold an event? It doesn't matter if you're holding an event in the next week or next year, please fill with our simple contact form and we'll be back to you within 24 hours.


Corporate Functions

Uncle Nick's Deli we're here to help you portray that image through welcoming and professional hospitality. Corporate events are the ideal way to develop new relationships , or to reconnect with old ones. We believe that good old-fashioned hospitality is essential to success.

Uncle Nick's Deli is looking forward to working with you on your next occasion. We'll be there throughout the process. We can provide you with creative menu designs, custom themed stations, and trained helpful waiters to ensure that you and your guests are at peace.


Organising a grand event can be tedious and overwhelming even for experienced planners. Great food and drink are two of the most important elements any event planner or caterer should not overlook. Belleville, IL high-end catering is able to assist you in this endeavor. Catering companies that are top-of-the-line in Belleville, IL will be equipped to cook, serve and serve your food items.

A FEW THINGS TO DO BEFORE selecting a company that provides high-end food in BELLEVILLE IL

A good high-end catering in Belleville, IL company can assist in making any event successful. You need to find reliable high-end catering services located in Belleville, IL who can work with you. Before you are able to meet any representatives of a catering service for restaurants there are a few things you must do. These are the things to complete prior to choosing a restaurant catering in Belleville, IL company:

DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET for the most expensive dining experience in BELLEVILLE, IL

Begin by determining how much you are able to afford catering your event in Belleville, IL. The number of dishes and personnel that the business can provide will depend on the budget you have set.

We can offer affordable alternatives to our products and services if you have a tight budget. The most common method a premium catering company located in Belleville, IL can achieve this is by using more seasonal ingredients in their food items.

Completely re-authorize the headcount BEFORE Securing a luxury catering IN BELLEVILLE, IL

Knowing the number of people expected to be in attendance will help you decide which catering company to choose for the occasion. When you're planning an intimate gathering or a large function the top catering company you choose should be up to the challenge. Belleville's restaurant caterers plan and cook your food so that all your guests are properly fed.


Food can make or break an event. Your caterer of top quality in Belleville, IL should be capable of providing you with various options which are in keeping with the theme of your formal celebration. Catering services that are top of the line can make an individual menu to satisfy your particular requirements.

Check with a top-end caterer to see whether they can adjust the menu for your guests. There are some guests who have food allergies or follow restricted diets and must be taken into consideration.


Drinks and cocktails are a must for formal events. It is essential to have a caterer who can serve drinks and bar services if that is the situation. You need to ensure that the event is stocked with enough alcohol to accommodate everyone.


Uncle Nick's Deli can help make your formal occasion a success. No matter how big the event, we will provide premium boxed meals that are upscale in Belleville, IL. From intimate gatherings to large celebrations, we can serve guests as well as you with deliciously prepared meals that taste delicious. Our highly skilled staff and chefs will ensure that the food is cooked with the utmost care. Call us now to get more details.


Every event is incomplete without serving up delicious and filling food. It is possible to save time and anxiety by employing a professional caterer whether it's a small private gathering or a big corporate event.

At Uncle Nick's Deli We are committed to making all of your social gatherings memorable by serving meticulously crafted dishes. There are plenty of menu options to choose from for your appetizers and main dishes and desserts. We go the extra mile to help you create an unforgettable event. Your guests as well as your guests will be full and satisfied when they return home.

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